Past Festivals





Festival Winners:
Audience Favorite: “Woman Vs. Internet” by Paige Vanzo, Directed by Hannah Kelley-Niece
Jury’s Choice: “Good Morning Miriam” written by Jackie Priskorn, directed by Casey Hibbert

Honorable Mentions:
BEST ACTOR/ACTRESS: Kez Settle & Phil Hughes in “Deer Crossing”
MOST INNOVATIVE WORK: “Discreet Pleasures” by Katie Grace McGowan and Dave Toorongian
BEST MUSICAL STYLE AND PERFORMANCE ENERGY: Kelly Salaam & DJ Smoove in “Kelly D’s Dance Party”

THURSDAY Sept 15 at 8:00pm:
The Audition by Maureen Paraventi, directed by Rick Holland & Lisa Brawley
CAST: Vicki Morgan, Sean Rodriguez, Brian Taylor, Sabrina Hubbard and David Zolotarchuk
Anxious for success in the entertainment industry, these auditioners  are willing to do what it takes – or be who they have to be.

Woman Vs. Internet by Paige Vanzo, directed by Hannah Kelley-Niece
CAST : Yesmeen Mikhail, Ann Macheson, Jeff Priskorn, Josh Noori and Steven Davenport
Delve into the experiences of women via the internet and the media using real text from chat rooms and forums paired with the humor and absolute absurdity.

FRIDAY Sept 16 at 8:00pm:
The King of Spain by Stephen Phillips , directed by Harry LaBeau
CAST:  Logan Laflin, Michael Lomas, Tamara Marla, Karen Connor
An unstable man inherits the throne of Spain, as he descends deeper into madness.

Kelly D’s Dance Party performed by Kelly Salaam with DJSmoove
Musical performance of works by Kelly Salaam

the Stupor Sound Experience performed by Steve Stupor Hughes as drum blister and guitar dropper, with Nicky Balls as knobs and pedals and Christ Peter as Led Zeppelin.

SUNDAY Sept 18 2pm-5pm:
Dear Crossing by Lisa Kimball, directed by Karen Brehmer
Featuring: Kez Settle and Phil Hughes
Brian and Tracy – hit a deer in their truck. Significant damage is done to their vehicle, and to their already-damaged marriage.

Good Morning Miriam by Jackie Priskorn, directed by Casey Hibbert
CAST: Katy Kujala, Eric Niece, Nancy Penvose and Margaret Gilkes
Miriam is confronted with a choice – to exist only in a time when she was young and happy or to accept the day-to-day changes of her life in the present.

BARDABUNGA a by Robert Boucheron, directed by Mycah Artis
CAST: Geoff Nathan, Toni Mann, Maggie Beson and Paul Manganello
A retired American couple arrive at a bleak landscape in Iceland. A young woman hiker arrives, and they adopt her.

Brought to you by Novartis International by Emily Fishman, directed and designed by Alex Trice
CAST:  Joshua Palmer, Kevin Bausley, Michael Adams, Dante Jones, Maria Simpkins, Rachel Smith, Joseph Hamid and Katie Sevo
This piece is inspired by a short educational video of a simulation of the daily life of someone suffering with schizophrenia.

Discrete Pleasures performed by Katie McGowan and Dave Toorongian
is an exploration of the private pleasure we derive from everyday sensual encounters.



Festival Winners:

Audience Favorite: “Scene in Black and White” written by Maureen Paraventi, directed by Kennikki Jones-Jones

Jury’s Choice: Waking Up Alive by Morgan Breon

Honorable Mentions:
Best Actor: Ryan McCurdy “Greencard Wedding”
Best Actress: Aubrey Fink “Love Stinks”
Best Director: Casey Hibbert “In Dreams”
Most Unique Style: “Is This Seat Taken?” By Brad Sytsma
Most Innovative Piece: “Block Party” by Kennikki Jones-Jones

Thursday night, September 17:
*Performance of Magic by Paige Vanzo, directed by Karen Brehmer, featuring Margaret Gilkes, Meredith Deighton and Nancy Cooper
Lisa has been taking care of her mother as long as she’s been taking care of herself—and they’ve been through it all: mental illness, addiction and breast cancer. As a result, Lisa struggles with the concept of miracles, unlike her mother and daughter. In the end, do miracles exist?

*Performance of In Dreams by Jarrod Vanzo, directed by Casey S. Hibbert, featuring Paige Vanzo and Ryan Ernst
Last night, Claire had a dream that her husband cheated on her with the sexy new girl at work, and man oh man is he gonna hear about it.

*Reading of Block Party by Kennikki Jones-Jones, featuring Kaiya Cheyenne Wynn, Cecily Gooden, Holly Portman and Dan Ross
Block Party explores the history of a Detroit neighborhood and its residents, confronting old ghosts that lie underneath it’s surface.

*Reading of Waking Up Alive by Morgan Breon featuring Brittany Chanel, K Edmonds, Morgan Breon and Kelvin Pierce
After a young black minister attempts suicide, the church is left in disarray determining whether she is “fit” to serve the congregation any longer.

Friday night, September 18:
*Reading of Rude Awakening by Amy Choudhury-Martin
An unsuspecting suburban housewife is “assaulted” at an ungodly hour of the morning.  She experiences a myriad of feelings in her attempt to cope with the situation.

*Staged Reading of Adam’s Angels by Jacquelyn Priskorn, directed by Nick Rowley and featuring Nick Szczerba, Juniper Moore, Laura Heikkinen, Brenton Herwat and Scott Cook
Adam is in need of a companion on Earth. The head angel, Zadkiel, is in charge of recruiting the right angel to be Adam’s companion. Lucy sees this as her opportunity to finally be in charge of something and chaos on Earth ensues.

*Staged reading of The Wall by Oliver Pookrum
Based on the 1946 novel “The Street” by Ann Petrie, The Wall takes place in 1943 and tells the story of Hattie Johnson’s education on family and money through her involvement and employment with a rich family.

*Performance of Greencard Wedding by Jody Christopherson, directed by Morgan Zipf-Meister and featuring Ryan McCurdy and Jody Christopherson
An experimental musical based on Skype calls between New York and Europe, Greencard Wedding is the story of Joy and Connel, two star crossed rock musicians who meet and start a band in New York. “Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Talents to watch, not to mention a pleasure to hear”– Time Out New York

Saturday afternoon free performances, September 19:
*3pm Outdoor performance of Inquiry and Improv with The Cooperfly Puppet Troupe featuring Kevin Kammeraad and Justin Haveman – kid friendly!
Join a Californian bookworm (Bill William) and our on the road promoter (Siblee Alexander) as they create a one-of-a-kind poem and song through audience participation.

*4pm Staged reading of Mamacita and the Negrito by Emilio Rodriguez, featuring Sara í Rodriguez and Jose Nateras
Mamacita and the Negrito explores the issues surrounding identity, culture, pride, and family through the lens of third and fourth generation Latinos in America. This highly theatrical narrative is told through vignettes and poems that speak to today’s generation in a way that is fresh, honest, and alive.

Saturday evening, September 19:
*8pm Performance of The Working Perception by Laura Pazuchowski featuring Matt Basner, Phil Boos and Laura Pazuchowski
From a sandwich shop competition to a chance meeting with a celebrity, Laura takes the audience on a musical journey in between the lines of her resume as she attempts to balance work, dreams and the things that matter most.

*9pm Performance of Yes by Tim Realbuto featuring Tim Realbuto and Joe Blute
Yes is a one-act, two-person drama about Patrick Ness (Realbuto), a fading star in his 30’s who now teaches private acting lessons in NYC, and the relationship that forms with Jeremiah (Blute), his new teenage student that Patrick happened to see in a high school production of Romeo and Juliet. What begins as an innocent acting lesson turns into a sick game of cat and mouse, resulting in mental torture, sexual advances, and perhaps the destruction of two (possibly) innocent people.

Sunday, September 20:
*Staged reading of Lisandra by Cara Beth Heath, directed by Emilio Rodriguez and featuring Laura Izquierdo, Dan Johnson, Josie Cutean, Kaiya Winn, Ryan Ernst, Adrienne McDonald, Shannon Allen and Dennis Verner
The worlds of a Kalamazoo teacher and student intersect in a magical realism play that asks how we all cope with challenges to find our true selves.

*Performance of Love Stinks written by Matt Siadak, directed by Sarah Lin Warren and featuring Aubrey Fink and David Schoen
A couple’s relationship is threatened when one of them passes gas in front of the other.

*Performance of Who Art Upon the First Turret? written by Alex Trice featuring Dennis Kleinsmith, Joshua Palmer and Alex Trice
Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s On First?” re-written into middle English.

*Performance of Can You Hear the Love? by Matthew Tawney, directed by Ellen Stachowicz and featuring Barbie Weisserman, Yasmine Artemis Hill and Mandy Sierra
Can You Hear the Love? is a sweet comedy about the bond between three generations of women as they celebrate the first birthday of the baby of the family, who is Deaf, as they look to the future.

*Performance of Scene in Black and White by Maureen Paraventi, directed by Kennikki Jones-Jones and featuring Michael Lopetrone, Orvalle Williams and Katherine Nelson
Something alarming is happening outside an apartment building, but who is doing what to whom? A man’s impulsive decision to intervene has unexpected results, bringing a larger conflict into his own living room.

*Performance of Is This Seat Taken? by Brad Sytsma, directed by Phil Vasquez and featuring Bryan Knewtson and Katelyn Langwith
A witty rom com that delves into an engaging relationship told through augmentations of time.

*Performance of Can’t Wait by Paige Vanzo, directed by Ryan Ernst
This is the third time Jessie and Mom have been here, and Jessie is NOT happy about it. How can Jessie live her life if she’s constantly worried about what Mom will do next?

*Performance of I Just Got Out of One of Those by Emily Fishman, directed by Emilio Rodriguez and featuring Dan Ross and Clearie McCarthy
I Just Got Out of One of Those is a contemporary piece that examines the difficulty of letting go that millennials and anyone who’s ever loved has experienced.